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After 15 years of marriage I didn't think divorce was where I would be. Well, it happened and I didn't know where to go.

I had been driving by Attorney Stacy Morane's office for years and always thought if I knew of someone who needed her services...well little did I know!

From the first meeting with Stacy and Lori you were made to feel right at home. Both the ladies made me feel that I mattered. When I would call with a question, Lori gave me the best advice and if she couldn't answer my question she would ask Stacy and get back to me.

My divorce was not a nasty one and I'm glad it wasn't but I will say this, no matter what having Stacy and Lori in my corner was a blessing.                         -Tracie

I recently had the worst divorce situation starting in 2009 resulting in meeting a fantastic divorce attorney by word of mouth about her reputation. She showed kindness and empathy at a very emotional time.

When I walked into the office I met her office manager. It was such an upside world for me, married 28 years, ex cheated on me. I was so emotionally and verbally abused. I didn’t know where to turn. Lori actually took the time and called Stacy while she was on vacation to help me calm down and give advice what not to do until she returned.

When she returned we met and started the proceeding. She gave me some things to do and find myself as to save me money. She was fantastic in finding underlying scheming things my ex hid. She was very focused and energetic and very confident and always professional. She would also let me know about updates in the divorce.

After the divorce she would call just to see how I was doing. We still talk occasionally. Thru all this, she told me to grow a pair. Well I have, and it feels good. I am stronger, extremely happy woman who took the bull by his horn and it feels fantastic.

Thank you Stacy for all you have done for me.

Dear Attorney Morane,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I wanted to thank you for all that you did for me through my divorce period. I had chosen an attorney and she had done nothing for me but file at the courthouse and charged me $1,000.00. As you know, a friend of a friend had used you and recommended you to me.

I called you the next day and you saw me 2 days later. You made me feel comfortable the moment I walked into your office. My situation was very bad as you remember and I needed someone who understood and cared. That was why I feel God brought me to you. At one point I had to meet with my x husband and his lawyer and you and I face to face. I will never forget how nervous I was and sitting directly across from the man who abused me so badly, he gave me that I want to kill you look.

You put your hand on my shoulder and loudly told his attorney to control his client or you would leave and take me with you! I felt protected and it gave me strength to move forward with the divorce.

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Financially it can break a person. You were very fair with me. You helped me several times by charging me half of what you could have for a phone call or a meeting. If I called, you returned my call promptly. I love you to this day. may your God give you good health and many, many more years of happy life.

Sincerely and much respect,
—Debra G.

I met with Stacy and Lori, and I was instantly welcomed, and felt more at home than I did when visiting with my in-laws (well soon to be ex). By the time our meeting was over, it was obvious that Stacy knew the ins and outs, and I was confident she was going to go above and beyond the call of duty to help me. Thanks Stacy for all of your help, I look forward to working with you!
—Phillip C.

Where do I begin? I know diddly squat about divorce and was scared out of my mind when I decided to end the marriage with my ex. The moment I went to see Stacy and her very helpful and capable assistant Lori I was immediately put at ease. Divorce SUCKS there's no two ways around it and the legal ramblings and the legal speak left me in a state of anxiety and depression which Stacy and Lori quickly relieved over the phone or in person and explained what everything meant. I never knew they taught kindness and compassion in law school but Stacy and Lori both aced that course with honors. I'm not going to get specific about my case but believe me I could. The bottom line is Attorney Stacy Morane and company bent over backwards to create an environment to gently get me through the divorce in an atmosphere where it was safe to express any and all feelings, emotions and yes fears. I never left her...
—Vance F.

After 18 years of marriage I found myself in need of a good divorce atty, I found Stacy and thank God I did!! I had to appear in court for my PFA and told her in less than 24 hours and she was there with me. First time we met but she was so friendly and caring about my situation. Then a week later I called her at 10:30pm on Friday night and asked if there was any way she could have my divorce papers ready to sign by the next day. She emailed them to me at 1:30am!!! WOW that's what I call service!!!! Thanks to her my ex signed the papers the next day and I will be divorced in May!!!! Call Stacy as she is FANASTIC!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Sallie

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